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    The Charlotte Convention Center’s flexible hall configurations ensure meeting attendees won’t miss a thing on the exhibit floor…including you....
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    No matter how big or small the event, the service and amenities at the Charlotte Convention Center make for memorable meetings....
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    Attendees can expect airy, light-filled concourses, cuisine that’s just as delectable as the four-star restaurant down the street, and the unforgettable Southern hospitality that characterizes this fair city....

Exhibit Space & Registration

Exhibit Space & Registration

The Charlotte Convention Center features 280,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space that can accommodate up to 1,250 booths. The space can also be separated into four halls, each with an individual show office.

Exhibit Space Features:

  • Dark troweled concrete floors with a floor load capacity of 350 per-square-foot live load.
  • 20 covered loading docks with drive-in access to halls B and C via ramps.
  • Four freight elevators serving all levels.
  • Four individual show offices, one in each hall.
  • Columns located on 90-foot centers.
  • Utilities provided through flush-mounted floor boxes located on 30-foot centers.
  • A public address system with overhead speakers for paging.
  • A large concession stand in each hall, which can be enhanced with mobile food solutions.

Registration Concourses:

  • 43,000 square feet of street-level concourse space to facilitate registration.
  • Six VIP show offices located on the concourse level overlooking the exhibit halls, some with a wet bar and restrooms.

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